January 19-21 Freezars RDV at Manteca Sportsman's, Ic.
Manteca, CA
Call Ava & Ned (209) 599-2374
Joe Kroze (559) 523-7057
Map Avaliable
February 9-11 25th Annual Yerington Pheasant Hunt
Contact Cut Wier (775) 463-5575 or email crwier244@tele-net.net
22-25 34th Annual Horse Ridge Rendezvous
East of Bend, Oregon at Wild Out Back Ranch
Booshway: Tadpole (541) 447-3306
Booshway: Prettyflinchey (541) 815-7310
Traders welcome- no fee but put up a blanket prize!
March 8-11 Barren Fork Territorial Rendezvous, Gainesville, MO
 Contact Bob at roachw@finet.com
14-18 Desert Marksmen 18th Annual Rendezvous
South of Palmdale, CA at the Kentucky Shooting Range.
Booshway: Joe Kohl (909) 624-3546
Segundo: Lorie (626) 337-1334
Joker1racing@yahoo.com       feenix_rising@juno.com
Traders welcome-no fee
15-18 Evergreen Spring Thaw RDV, Littlerock, WA
Contact: Strobl (360) 352-1800
Power and water available
Traders welcome - $5.00 per day to camp Pete
16-18 22nd Annual Stony Creek Muzzleloaders RDV at Lizard Camp
Call: Doug Hatley (530) 824-0648
Frank Amaral (530) 824-0516
Map Available
April 6-8 Sonora Smokepolers at Camp Six Bits
Chinese Camp, CA
Contact Emmett & Ann (209) 984-3868
Harry & Betty (209) 878-0132
Bruce (209) 588-9110
Traders Welcome – Map Available
Food by Rosebud’s Café
6-8 Bear Mountainmen
Over 300 Shooters, preregistration encouraged.
For Registration: Dianna Cunningham (530) 347-6436
Camp / Trade: Ernie (503) 549-5170
12-15 Sonoma Valley Muzzleloaders 26th Annual Rendezvous
Twix Boonville & Cloverdale, CA
Booshway: Jeff Rush (707) 795-7761
Segundo: Terry Weaver (707) 664-0511
glennoneil@yahoo.com or davedbeer@aol.com
13-15 Louderback’s 29th Annual Rendezvous at Hooker Creek Road, Red Bluff, CA
Contact Pat Malloy (530) 244-1439 or Terry Scott (530) 275-6666
Pre-registration is $10 individual, $15 Family before April 7.
This is a fun shoot!
14-22 Breckenridge Mountainmen @ Hart Canyon, CA
Contact: Booshway  Mike Bradley (661) 396-1819
Segundo:Dennis Wahlstrom (661) 821-4227
20-22 Mountain Ranch Muzzleloaders 180th Rendezvous & Shoot at Railroad Flats, CA
Santa Cruz Muzzleloaders sponsor the Flint and Pistol shoots.
Traders Row: Must have valid CA Resale Number. Fee $30
Contact Michael (209) 754-1260
Rusty Gun (209) 754-3713
Map Available
20-22 Northern Free Trappers 18th Annual Rendezvous
Cottonwood, CA on Gas Point Road
Contact Alan (530) 824-0467 or Stan (530) 222-4320
21-22 29th Annual Greenville Rendezvous
2 miles so of Greenville, Mo on US HWY 67
Crowley’s Ridge BP Club
Devon Scott (573) 785-7861
27-29 Tobacco River ML Rendezvous
Eureka, Montana
Contact Joe Nelson (406) 882-4691
Traders welcome-no fee. Bring yer own water!
27-29 Mt. Mazama Mountain Men Spring Rendezvous
Clover Creek Rd. West of Keno, Oregon. Map Available
Bourgeois: Flying Jag (541) 882-4905
Segundo: Two Bears (541) 883-8911
May 3-13 Manzanita High Mountain 14th Annual Rendezvous
Santa Ysabel, CA on Mesa Grande RD – Highway 79
Contact: Booshway Smitty (760) 745-2927
Prez Ken (619) 445-9836
Scribe: Rob Brandt (619) 283-6659 rdbrandt_1930@yahoo.com
4-6 Brushy Creek Rangers at Brushy Creek
Spenceville Wildlife Area (1mi N of Beale AFB)
Traders Welcome, Maria will be cooking!
Cannon Shoot, Shot gun, trail walk, Apple Pie
Contact: Prez Billy (530) 265-4217 wlm@nccn.net
Booshway Ray (530) 272-6953
12 2nd Annual Bettencourt Family Ranch Frontier Living History Rendezvous of 1825
Winton, CA
Free Admission
Call (209) 723-3733
18-20 Sierra Muzzleloaders Spring Rendezvous
Brownsville, CA
Contact: Candy Moreballs (707) 263-7422
Traders Welcome – No Fee!
Map available
24-28 Shoshone Basin RDV, ID
Contact: Booshway Chuck (208) 733-7906
Scribe: Teresa No Bull at Tchansen@aol.com
Traders Welcome!

Pit River Pioneers Annual Rendezvous
Near Burney, CA Map available
Traders welcome
Booshway: Chuck McCulley (530) 335-4092
Segundo: Randy Trafton (530) 337-6474
Ed at smokingfeet@myway.com

25-28 Diablo Buckskinners at Brushy Creek, CA
Contact: Shawn Greenern (925) 685-2177
Jan Blue (925) 983-1174
Mat Rongkey (925) 207-8850
26-28 Sapphire Mountain Men
25th Annual Wile Horse Rendezvous
Missoula, MT
Contact: Booshway Mike (406) 822-8778
Scribe: Matt Denison
June 8-10 Mt. Shasta Long Rifles at Trout Creek, CA.
Traders Welcome
Contact: Harry Hall (530) 235-4546
15-22 Pacific Primitive Rendezvous at Shirt Tail Creek
30-July 7 Tall Trees Annual Rendezvous,  Smith River, CA.
Contact: Trapper John (707) 722-4259
Waterbarrel (707) 465-3435
Wet Dog (707) 646-5119
Robert (707) 487-2860
July 13-15 Siskiyou Mt. Men 9th Annual Grass Lake Rondeevoo at Weed, CA
Highway 97 past Shastina Golf Course
Contact: Dale Timmons (530) 842-6051 or Ginger (530) 842-6631
Pre-registration encouraged.
20-22 Mount Mazama Mountain Men Shotgun Rondy
Sportsman’s Park at Keno, Oregon
Preregister by July 3
Call Andy Foster (541) 891-3414
(Last WE) Stone Cellar Meadows RDV, CA
Contact: Dick Murray (209) 367-8722
Joe (916) 392-6197
August 30-Sept 3 Big Horn Mt. Men 25th Annual RDV at Holcomb Valley, CA
Contact Barbara @ (951) 780-9331
Date is confirmed, more info is coming!
Traders welcome, potable water available
More info at www.bighornmountainmen.com
30-Sept 3 34th Fort Bridger Rendezvous at Fort Bridger, Wyoming
Booshway: Mike Chatelain (435) 213-5130
Segundo: Dale Carpenter (435) 213-5131
Scribe: Traci (435) 213-5133
September Bell’s Fort 23rd Annual
Florence, CO scribe@bellsfort.com
Booshway Bob: (719) 564-4485
Segundo Dave (719) 561-4355
7-9 Pit River Pioneers and the Knock Ranch co- host
9th Annual Shelly Creek Rendezvous
West of Pit River SW of Burney, CA Map available
Contact: Jack (530) 335-2737
7-9 Rendezvous at Paisley, Oregon
Trail Walk for Rifle & Pistol, Long Gong, Shotgun, Fort Shoot!
Contact Cannonball (541) 884-0565
Billy (541) 883-8911
Bring Water!
13-16 Evergreen Fall Harvest Rendezvous, Littlerock, WA
Contact Pete at (360) 352-1800
October 3-15 21st Annual Rendezvous at Laguna Mountain Shooting Club
San Ysabel, CA
More info is on the way-date is confirmed
6-7 8th Annual Bloomfield RDV, Bloomfield, MO
Crowley’s Ridge BP Club
Call: Devon Scott (573) 785-7861 info_crbc@yahoo.com
Dale at rdkemp@semo.net
25-28 Barren Fork Territorial Rendezvous – Gainesville, MO
Contact: Bob at roachw@fidnet.com
November Yolla Bolly Frontiersmen Rendezvous at Red Bluff, CA
First 400 shooters to pre-register will shoot!
Contact: Frank (530) 527-4895 or Dan (530) 527-5539
This is all I have that is confirmed. I will be updating daily upon receipt of info. If you have something for me please send at your earliest convenience and I will post it! I will be filling in the blanks as info becomes available. 
Thank you for your support,
In Respect,
Shannon Lone Eagle