Rendezvous Schedule 2008


March 9                Rifle & Shotgun, Cartridge and Silhouette. Jackson CA.

                             Call Wayne (209) 295-3871 or Darrell (209) 369-9508


March 21-23          23rd Annual Stony Creek Muzzleloaders Rendezvous at Lizzard Camp.

Map Available

                                    Contact: Doug Hatley (530) 824-0648 or Frank (530) 824-0516

                                    Traders Welcome!


April 4-6               Bear Mountain Men 14th Annual Trappers Creek Rendezvous.

                             Map Available.  Pre-registration recommended and Traders are Welcome!

                             Call Diana (530) 347-6436 or Ernie (530) 549-5170


April 10 – 13          American River Muzzle Loaders Primitive

                                    Contact: Dirty Hand: (916) 973-8809


April 11-13            Sonora Smokepolers Annual Spring Shoot at Camp Six Bits, Chinese Camp, CA

                             Map Available. Best Dern shoot of the Spring! Friendship is over the top!

Food by Cinnamon Roll Peddler, Traders Row with Mike & Donna, Big Jim, Leather by Garrison,

Songs and stories by Shannon Lone Eagle. A good time will be had by all!

Call Scott (209) 532-8659, Harry (209) 878-0132  Bruce (209) 588-9110


April 12 – 20        Breckenridge Rangers 24th Annual Hart Canyon Rendezvous. Map available


                                    Contact Booshway Gene (559) 738-2072, Segundo Thurman (661) 833-0713

                                    Prizes with Steve and Zee (661) 393-7901  


April 17 – 20        Sonoma Valley Muzzleloaders 27th Annual Rendezvous

                                    Booshway Terry (707) 664-0511, El Segundo Bill (415) 892-3843.


April 25-27            Mt. Ranch Muzzleloaders 181st Rendezvous at Railroad  Flat, CA

Traders Row, Trail Walk, Paper shoot, Smoothbore, Clay birds.

Rifle, pistol, hawk & knife, Bull stuff and lots of grins.

Bring Yer best for this will be a test!

Contact Prez Michael (209) 754-1260 or Rusty Gun (209) 754-3713


May 2-4                  Brushy Creek Rangers 2008 Rendezvous – Smartsville Rd., Map Available

                                    Shot Gun, Long Gong, Rifle, Pistol, Hawk & Knife, Cannon Shoot

                                    Saturday nite Potluck – Traders Row.

                                    Contact: Prez Bill (530) 265-4217 or Booshway Ray (530) 272-6953.


May 17                 Bettencourt Family Ranch Frontier Living History Event & Rendezvous ‘1825’

                             Admission is free, refreshments available, free parking, free good advice!

                                    Winton, CA Contact info at (209) 723-3733



May 16 – 18            Sierra Muzzleloaders Spring Rendezvous near Brownsville, CA.  Map Available

                                    Rifle, Pistol, Trade Gun, Shotgun, Cannons & Mortars, Hawk & Knife, Archery

                                    Pre-registration encouraged. Yapping dogs could be tomorrow nite’s stew! Traders Welcome,

Contact; Booshway Homeless, (530) 478-5744


May 23-26             Diablo Buckskinners Rendezvous at Spenceville Wildlife Area (Brushy Creek) CA.

Contact: Greenhorn Foley (925) 685-2177 or Broken Pole at (925) 625-9331. Map available.


June 13-15               MSLR Trout Creek 32nd Annual Rendezvous near McCloud CA up near Shasta in Northern CA.

Pre-registrations encouraged! Traders welcome! Full Primitive, Traders Row and Tin Tipi.

Restrooms available, Bring yer water!

Contact; Harry (530) 235-4546,


  June 13 – 22       Pacific Primitive Rendezvous at Chewaucan River, Oregon (near Paisley), Oregon

                                    Co- Bourgeois: Dean Oliver, Ralph”Stump”Torpin. Trade Chief: Randi Caughey,

                                    Horse Camp Chief: Tina “ Black Bottom” Carver.

                                    Overnight ride to see the stars. Saddle up!

                                    This is a Rendezvous, NO CURFEW!!!!!



June 30 – July 5    Something is going to happen! Fun and Learning as taught by the Master! Could be sum

skinning, cud be sum trappin, cud be some smithing.

                                    Trapper John (707) 722-4259.  Pak yer stuff and be ready.


ATTENTION!!!! Stone Cellars is cancelled! OH BOO!!   Prettiest place I ever been this side of Heaven!


July 25-27             Broken Wing Memorial Rendezvous for Willie Murray. This be at a bit southeast a Markleeville, CA

at the Y on the left of Wolf Creek Rd and Hiway 4 to Ebbet’s Pass

                             Full aggregate, ‘Old Coot’ BP Cartridge, Trail walk.

                                    No Dogs on Traders Row, No Fires, Dry Camp Bring yer water!!!

                                    Traders need to contact Dick or Joe, limited space.

                                    Booshway: Dick Murray: (209) 367-8722

                                    Segundo: Joe Rohde: (916) 392-6197

                                    Map available


Aug 30 – Sept 1    Bell’s Fort Free Trappers and Muzzleloaders 24th Annual Rendezvous

                             Big South Park, Royal Gorge  South Rim, Canon City Colorado

Public welcome. Traders early setup 9:00 am 8/28/08. Primitive and modern camp. Easy access-Ample parking.

Map Available! Must enter thru South Rim for Free Admission to Gorge attractions and reduced price food and beverage.

Booshway: Bob Cannon (719) 547-2169

Segundo: Joe Perry (719) 547-1269


October 10-13        Mt. Ranch Muzzleloaders at Railroad Flat, CA

Gates open Wednesday 9 AM. Must be out by Noon Monday 13th.

Primitive Camp area, Traders welcome          ($30) blanket Traders ($15)

Contact Prez Michael (209) 754-1260 or Rusty Gun (209) 754-3713


October 16-19        Total Primitive RDV, Spenceville, CA (Brushy Creek). 

Hosted by American River Muzzleloaders and the Diablo Buckskinners.

                             Contact: Randy McCrum (916) 363-5140, Greenhorn Foley (925) 685-2177 or Boken Pole (925) 625-9331.


Oct. 31 –Nov 1-2: Modesto Muzzleloaders Oliver Rose Memorial Shoot at Camp Six Bits

                             Trail walk and lots of festivities! Primitive Camp, Tin Teepee. Preregistration encouraged.

                                    Traders welcome and must have tax forms. $25 for the duration.

                                    Contact Rhonda George (209) 526-4876, Ned & Ava Nelson (209) 599-2374, Pat Delano (209) 575-4038


Nov. 7-9                Yolla Bolly Frontiersmen 26th Annual RDV at Red Bluff, CA  Trail walk & blanket shoot!

Patched round ball & open sights only. Trade gun, round ball and buck shot. Traders by invitation only.

Shooter preregistration by Nov 1 or the first 420 shooters (which ever comes first!).

For registration call Frank @(530) 527-4895 or Dan (530) 527-5539) E-Mail

For shoot info call John (530) 529-0323, NO CALLS AFTER 9:00 PM. Thanks!


Nov 7-10               Spring Mountain Free Trappers in Las Vegas NV.

Right next to Red Rock Canyon.

Booshway Dan Trousdale (702) 645-2658.

Please visit at


 Rendezvous Schedule 2007

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