Rendezvous Schedule 2010



Feb 25 - 28             38th Annual Horse Ridge (Winter Bend)

Rendezvous Grizzly Mountain Long Rifles Assoc.

Traders welcome and must call ahead. No Exceptions.

Booshway: Pretty Flinchy (541) 815-7310,

Segundo: Coffee Bean (541) 420-0126 Club:


Feb 26 – 27             Curt Weir Memorial Pheasant Hunt at Yerrington, Nevada.

(CANCELLED)        Contact Ronnie (775) 463-5575 or Brian (925) 215-0177


March 7                           Hells Canyon Muzzleloaders Memorial Shoot at Clarkson, WA

Call 'Ol Hoss (208) 843-2017 or

Scratch (509) 254-1868


March 19 - 21          26th Annual Stony Creek Muzzleloaders Rendezvous at Lizzard Camp.

Map available.

Traders welcome on the 17th.

Booshway Doug Hatley at (530) 824-0648,  cell: 953-7668.

Segundo Frank at (530) 824-0516


March 19-27            Spring Thaw Rendezvous, Little Rock, WA

Contact: Dewayne

Tim (360) 264-4243 or Mike at


April 2 - 4              Bear Mountain Men 16th Annual Trappers Creek Rendezvous. Map available.

Pre-registration recommended for the first 300 shooters

Traders welcome 4/1 (the foolish day)

Call Dianna or Steve (530) 347-6436. 

For camp and Trade call Ernie (530) 549-5170


April 9 - 11             Sonora Smokepolers Annual Spring Shoot at Camp Six Bits, Chinese Camp CA.

Map available.

Traders $25, day visitors git in for no money. Dry camp so bring yer water!

No dogs on Trader's row, NO EXCEPTIONS

Booshway: Ray (209) 847-4019

Segundo Floyd (408) 377-6383

Central camp fire Saturday night with music, story telling and liars contest.

Bring yer best!


April 9 - 11             Louderback 32nd Annual RDV at Red Bluff, Ca. pre-registration,

Dry Camp and food service may be available.

Primitive camp, Traders Row and Tin Tipi.

Booshway: Pat (530) 244-1439

Segundo: Wade (630) 365-5827, Scribe Jacqueline


April 9 - 11             Lewis & Clark Spring Rendezvous near Roosevelt, WA

Call John (509) 384-5911 or Big Wind and Mother Hen (509) 387-6224


April 10 - 11           Oregon State Championships at Sherwood OR Call Clifford Reed @ (503) 632-7791


April 10 - 18           Breckenridge Buckskinners brings the 26th Annual HART CANYON RDV.

Card shoot, pistol, long guns, silhouette, archery, tomahawk. Be read to play!

Booshway: Jim Jennings (661) 323-5737

Segundo: Frank (661) 835-1491,

Prize Chair: Steve & Zee (661) 393-7901.

Call for flyer and map! Pre-registration is encouraged. Traders welcome with period goods.


 April 15 - 18          Sonoma Valley Muzzleloaders 29th Annual RDV West of Cloverdale, CA

Booshway: Michael George (707) 996-1308 

Segundo: Joe Zidek (707) 795-7761


April 16 – 18           The Northern Free Trappers at Cottonwood CA.

                             Contact: John Hinote (530)-347-3212


April 16 – 18           Sagebrush Free Trappers at Rattlesnake,MT.

Iron Heart @ (509) 582-2728,,

Talking Crow (509) 588-3036


April 16 - 18           Washington State ML Championships, Little Rock, WA

Call Mike

or Pete (360) 352-1800


April 16 - 19           American River Muzzleloaders Primitive RDV Traders welcome.

Call Dirty Hand at (916) 973-8809.


April 21-25             35thAnnualFrog Holler Primitive Only Rendezvous near Oakridge, OR  

Pre-registration is required

Contact Melody Morrell  541-689-4281 or Daryl Berlie


April 23-25             Mountain Ranch Rendezvous at Rail Road Flat, CA


April 23-25             Mt. Mazama Mountain Men Spring Rendezvous Near Klamath Falls, OR

Bourgeois: Flying Jag: 541.850.8516

Contact Justin 541.892.5030


April 30- May 2       Brushy Creek Rangers 2010 Rendezvous near Beale AFB, Smartville, CA

Prez: Ray Adams 530.272.6953

Scribe: Deeann:

Send yer gold to: Ellie Robbins 10306 Bar Hill Rd. Penn Valley, CA 95946

Pre-registration encouraged


May 1-5                  California State Muzzleloading 61st Annual Championship Match, Clovis CA,

map available Slug gun, bench gun, offhand pistol and rifle, primitive,

inline and more!

Call George Steger 559.298.7674


May 14-16              Sierra Muzzleloaders near Brownsville, CA

Booshway: Homeless 530.478.5744


May 28 - 31            Pit River Pioneers 31st Annual Rendezvous near Burney, CA.

Map available Pre-registration encouraged and

please contact the keeper of the gold:

Cheryl Trafton 20398 Big Bend Road, Montomery Creek, CA 96065

Dennis @ (530) 335-3353 or Bob @ (530) 335-2237


June 3 -6                 Cascade Brigade Muzzle Loading Club, Bend OR,

Map Available Trails open June 4

Booshway: Ted Hartman 541.788.2122


          June 4-6                  Port Neuf Rendezvous near McCammon, Idaho. Map available. Traders welcome.

Council Fire and Music on Saturday night.

Booshway: Dennis Grimmett 208 233-4907

Segundo: Brent Cutler (208) 237-4475


June 10-13              Idaho Free Trappers at Kennedy Ranch on Corral Creek, Cascade, ID

Booshway: Two Short Steve 208.377.1628,

Scribe: Janet 208.3770.0746

Contact Pole Cat Rick 208.459.9086

Kindlin' Finger


June 11-13              Cascade


June 11-13              Trout Creek 34th Annual Rendezvous, near McCloud CA, map available on line

Call Harry Hall 530.235.4546,

Betty 530.926.2149 or Dion 530.926.6942


June 18-25              Pacific Primitive Rendezvous Registration and


Booshway: Debbie Evans



          July 2-4                  Rendezvous at Solders Meadow, Idaho. Map available and pre-registration is encouraged!

Contact Booshway Don Dotson (208) 843-2017 or Segundo 'Scratch' (509) 254-1868


July 14-17               2nd AnnualBroken Wagon Rendezvous Eugene, OR 

Pre-registration is encouraged

Contact Giggles  541-953-4583


July 14-17               Fort Umpqua Broken Wagon 2nd Annual Rendezvous near Vanetta, OR

Pre-registration is encouraged Contact Giggles


July 15 - 18             Barlow Trail 2 miles from Government Camp, Oregon on Highway 35.

Call Stinky (503) 668-6275 or Screamin Fern at (503) 722-7514


July 23-25               Mt Mazama Mountain Men Shotgun Rondy Klamath Falls, OR –

New location on Stateline Road,

Map available

Call Powder Dog 541.891.3414 or Pretty Balls 541.885.5488


July 23-25               Stone Cellar Meadow Annual Rendezvous, Ice House road near Loon Lake, CA

Camping opens at noon Thursday, All Traders Welcome Wednesday noon. Cabins available.

Water, hot showers, food tent and map available.

Contact: Booshway Dick Murray (209) 367-8722

Segundo Joe Rhode  (916) 392-6197


Aug 5-8                  Tioga Mountain Man 2010

Summer Rendezvous at The Mast Family Farm in Coquille, OR,

Map available

Contact Ken 541.396.5565 or Buff 541.396.6217


Sep. 10-12               Mt Mazama Rendezvous at Paisley, Oregon

Call Mac the Knife 541.281.2422 or Billy Bonnet 541.883.8911


Sept. 10 - 12            Pit River Pioneers and the Knock Ranch

Co-Host Shelly Creek Rendezvous Contact:

Dennis Baker (530) 335-3353 or

Bob Myers (530) 335-2237


Nov 5-7                  Spring Mountain Free Trappers MM Rendezvous at Las Vegas, NV

Call Buffalo Rump 702.645.2658


Nov 12 - 14             Yolla Bolly Frontiersmen 28th Annual Rendezvous - Trail Walk and Blanket Shoot.

Traders by invitation only! Pre-registration by Nov. 1 or the first 420 shooters

(which ever comes first). Early campers welcome on Thursday th 11th.

Traders on Wednesday but yer gotta call first!

Send Trader Registration to:           Tom & Dee Hamill  19120 Reeds Creek Rd. Red Bluff CA 96080-9231 (530) 527-5778

Send Shooter Registration to:          Frank Herrmann  21205 Wilcox Rd. Red Bluff, CA 96080 (530) 527-4895

NO CALLS AFTER 9:00 PM PDT!!! NO EXCEPTIONS! We have earned our quiet time!


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